I Asked 35 Experts For Their Number One Productivity Tip

Coming into 2018, I’ve set myself a target to write on a daily basis. This is the first article of many.

I asked experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs and more from around the globe for their number 1 productivity tip and the responses are phenomenal.

Implement these into your daily routine and I guarantee your productivity will sky rocket.

“When planning your work, break everything down in to tasks that can be completed in one sitting. If you are following Gary’s advice and working on your side hustle in the evening, make sure each task can be completed in that 2 hour timeframe. Anything larger should be broken down.”
Levi McCormick

“Instead of multi tasking, do different jobs in batches”
Farouq Azhan

“Organization! Write it down. It’s that feeling of literally crossing things off that just makes the time fly faster. I used to always have anxiety about forgetting something but now with apps like Evernote and Asana, I keep my tasks. Once I’m at my desk, I’ll rewrite onto paper and cross each off 📝 😆

For those things you hate or are stuck on set aside 15 minutes each day. A lot more than you think can be done in 15 minutes.”
Olga Ayon

“If working from home, get dressed as if you were going to work.”
Max Brittan

“Always tidy your bed when you get up.Always! I started that habit two months ago and now my room looks like a clean hotel room, my notes are organized, my hard drive, even my backups. seriously, make your bed in the morning!”
Taavet Taimre

“Motivation comes from Momentum.

Meaning if we desire to accomplish a goal, we cannot sit around waiting for the motivation to do it. Instead we must begin doing the work, and through accomplishing tasks, small goals, we will build momentum and in turn feel motivated to continue.

This required Discipline on our part above all else. Prioritize our tasks, keep lists (as mentioned by another), celebrating small victories while moving actively towards our next task.

Discipline is first.
Focus is second.
Commitment is third.
From there we simply do the work and will find ourselves motivated by our momentum.”
Anthony Hary

“Focus on doing one thing at a time.”
Krizza Mae Cruz Alim

“80% of your results come from the top 20% of your work. Figure out how and when you are most effective and prioritize that window of time and environment to accomplish the most with the least time necessary.”
Angelo Fratantoni

“Remind yourself WHY you are doing it. I got that from a Tony Robbins video I watched a few years back. It has helped motivate me whenever I feel down.”
David Nerehtur

Rohan Shah

“Plan your actions before getting into the action lane, this helps me the best to track what to do at the start of the day.”
Suneet Srivastava

“Execute. Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you learn a new tip, tool, or get inspired by something you read, put it into action right away.”
Christopher Pagli

Bvs Narayana

“Understand that mental energy management, not time management is the key to productivity. Know when your peak mental energy times are and what type of tasks drain the most/least amount of that energy and plan accordingly.”
Kwan Morrow

“Hmm. I would say take some time to plan the course of the day. On whiteboard or paper. Plan the hard things early in the day as people generally have the most will power in the morning.”
Jason Poon

“As a Serial Entrepreneur and owning multiple different businesses:

CEO/Owner of Simply Thalia
Co-owner/CMO of Iridium Clothing Co.
Co-Founder/Talent Principal of ZeroDay Partners
Co-owner of Thalia Spice
Co-Founder of Cafe Le Fit
CEO of EC Media LLC

Also being professionally active in Men’s Physique competition & modeling; being productive is what I do best.

My #1 tip would be to write down your to-do list or I prefer calling them myself a “success list” on a day to day basis. Either write them down before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning.

Writing down a success list daily gets me organised and productive throughout my day.

Not only am I able to handle all my businesses, I’m also able to have my free time and enjoy life fully. Check out my Youtube channel where I share my lifestyle 🙂 https://youtu.be/y9RsCXloa6k
Fritz Colcol

“60 second rule – anything I can do in 60 seconds or less is to be done immediately. This helps me check things off my list and feel more productive and get the ball roll to accomplish more things!”
Michael CheungTeaParky.com

“Make a priority list everyday even if it’s almost the same everyday. Actually write it down on a physical paper that is visable and dont put it under other papers or on some closed app on the phone. And reading it too, not just let it sit there getting ignored. Read it every now and then, so the mind picks up the points into fresh thoughts”
Quang Vien Hua

“Get the tasks that you hate out of the way first. It frees up my mind when I get to work on the tasks I love.”
Donny Klemmer Jr.

“Being organized, have things prioritized and scheduling your time. I use Trello to organize and prioritize my tasks. I schedule my time in blocks that are dedicated for certain types of tasks (i.e. check emails, social engagement, meetings, project work etc.)”
A-Jay Orr – @ajayorr

“Clean work environment. Its essential as then you know where everything is and have no reason not to stay on task.”
William Sharma Attwood

“Create a list of your top priorities before breakfast. Before you break for lunch make sure you have completed the top tasks. If you haven’t completed them, put in the extra 20% effort and get them done. With time this practice will train you to get your list done before lunch.”
Jaeden Karl Schafer

“Solitude. Know who you are.”
Chris Rios


“My #1 productivity tip – if in a lull, give it time, patience is a virtue. Then like magic, it will come to you….”
Casey Taylor-Racinelli

“If it can be done in 2 minutes, do it now”
Stephanie Lai

“Master your craft”
Aidan Vuocolo – @aidanvoc

“The Internet can give us information overload. Hand pick the content you want to consume, and please (3x) don’t browse/surf the web while working on your email inboxes. Trust me, you’ll end up doing more browsing than replying to those all-important emails.”
Ivan P Widjaya

“The time you spend complaining, you could’ve been done already.”
Gabriel Cardona

“Batching — Schedule a time to focus on one task at a time. Put a timer on and get tunnel-fucking-vision on that task. That means unless there is a fire or you start hearing gunshots, you keep doing that task until the timer rings.”
Alexander Tsang – @tsangmeep

“Skip breakfast in the morning and get right into it.”
Marc Palud

“Get rid of your TV.”
Steven Rotherham

“Make your bed.”
Eric R Brazil

“Focus on one thing at a time. Trying to multitask makes you less productive. Whatever the task is, focus on it 100%, then move on to the next task.”
Elizabeth E. Bower

“When working from home, get up and get dressed as if you’re going to the office every morning.”
Blake Boykin – @blake.boykin

“Break down, prioritize, execute.”
Harry Ra

That’s all of them 🙂 Please post your tips in the comments!